The Ultimate Solution for Missing Teeth

Rediscover the joy of a full, functional smile with dental implants at Smile Studio 87 in Woodridge, Illinois. Our expert dentists, Dr. Sumayyah Khan and Dr. Maja Sukovic, specialize in providing long-lasting, natural-looking dental implants that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Embrace a solution that offers unparalleled stability and aesthetic appeal.

Full-Arch Dental Implants

Full-arch dental implants provide a comprehensive solution for those needing to replace a full arch of teeth. This method involves placing only four implants in the jaw, supporting an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. The process is quicker and less invasive compared to traditional methods, often eliminating the need for bone grafting. Full-arch implants are cost-effective, help prevent bone loss, and restore complete oral functions, making them a permanent and natural-looking solution.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Implant-supported dental bridges are an ideal option for patients missing multiple teeth. Unlike traditional bridges that rely on adjacent teeth for support, these bridges are anchored by dental implants placed directly into the jawbone. This setup provides a more stable and long-lasting solution, distributing biting pressure evenly and preserving the health of surrounding natural teeth. It’s particularly recommended for patients who may put excessive pressure on individual implants.

Implant-Supported Dental Crowns

For patients missing a single tooth, implant-supported dental crowns offer a durable and aesthetic replacement. The procedure involves inserting an implant post into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth, which acts as the root. A crown is then attached to this implant, providing a solution that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. This method is advantageous because it does not affect neighboring teeth and helps maintain jawbone integrity.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures combine the benefits of dental implants with the functionality of traditional dentures. These dentures are anchored by implants, which provides exceptional stability and prevents the common issue of dentures slipping or “floating” in the mouth. This solution is ideal for patients seeking a stable, long-term option for multiple missing teeth. It significantly improves the ability to eat and speak comfortably, and in many cases, existing dentures can be retrofitted to implants.

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Great staff, very clean facility. Dr Khan is a very caring dentist who does excellent work. The hygienists are exceptional.”

Great staff, very clean facility. Dr Khan is a very caring dentist who does excellent work. The hygienists are exceptional.”

– Cathy G.

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