At Smile Studio 87, we provide implant-supported dental bridges to patients missing multiple teeth. Our dentists can connect one of the prosthetics via a dental implant so that the bridge fits more securely between your other teeth. Call 630-427-2019 to learn more about our implant-supported dental bridges in Woodridge, Illinois, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Sumayyah Khan or Dr. Maja Sukovic.

An implant-supported bridge is similar to a regular dental bridge. However, while regular dental bridges are anchored with crowns placed on the teeth on either side of the bridge, an implant-supported bridge is anchored in the mouth using dental implants. In most cases, an implant is placed for each missing tooth, after which the implant crowns are connected to form one piece atop the implant posts. If our dentists cannot place one implant for each missing tooth, the bridge may consist of the prosthetic teeth suspended between two implant-supported crowns.

Our dentists may recommend an implant-supported bridge when you have lost multiple teeth or when there is concern that you may put too much pressure on individual, unconnected implants, increasing the likelihood that the implant will loosen from the bone and fail. An implant-supported bridge reduces this pressure, spreading it across the entire bridge to keep the individual implants firmly anchored in your jawbone, where they can work to improve your oral health and function. Benefits of implant-supported bridges include:

  • A long-lasting solution
  • A solution which helps your surrounding teeth maintain their position in the mouth
  • A result that looks, feels and functions like your healthy natural teeth
  • A restored ability to bite, chew, speak and smile normally
  • Preservation of your supporting bone structure
  • A less expensive treatment

Receiving an implant-supported bridge typically requires two surgeries: one to place your dental implant posts and one to place the bridge and anchor it atop the implants. There will be a period of healing between the implant placement procedure and anchoring the bridge.

To learn more about the benefits of implant-supported bridges and schedule an appointment with our dentists, contact our office today.