At Smile Studio 87, we understand the importance of providing options that not only effectively align teeth but also fit into your lifestyle. Invisalign clear aligners are a leading alternative to traditional braces and offer advantages that cater to the needs and preferences of our patients. From aesthetics to functionality, here’s a detailed look at why Invisalign might be the right choice for you.

Aesthetics: The Clear Advantage

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, which makes them an ideal choice for adults and teens who are conscious about the appearance of braces. Enjoy the process of straightening your teeth without the noticeable brackets and wires.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

  • Smooth Design: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are made from a smooth plastic that is comfortable and less likely to irritate your gums and cheeks.
  • Removable: Clear aligners can be taken out during meals and dental hygiene routines, allowing for better maintenance of oral health and no dietary restrictions.

Fewer Dental Visits Required

Invisalign typically requires fewer check-ins. Before treatment begins, our expert team at Smile Studio 87 explains all you need to know about the process. Once you receive your aligners, you will have clear instructions on when to switch to the next one in the line-up. For traditional braces, regular visits are required for the orthodontist to make manual adjustments to stay on track for alignment.

Effective Treatment with a Modern Approach

  • Advanced Technology: Invisalign treatment involves the use of 3D imaging technology to predict the movement of your teeth, allowing for a highly accurate and tailored treatment plan.
  • Predictable Results: Visualize your treatment outcome from the beginning, giving you a clear picture of your future smile.

Suitability for a Variety of Dental Issues

Invisalign can effectively correct many orthodontic issues, such as crowded teeth, gaps, and certain bite misalignments, similar to traditional braces.

Experience the Invisalign Difference with Smile Studio 87 in Woodridge, IL

Choosing Invisalign at Smile Studio 87 means opting for a modern, efficient, and discreet method to achieve your perfect smile. Thanks to our special pricing agreements with Invisalign due to our extensive expertise, we can offer these treatments at lower rates, making it even more accessible for our patients. Learn more about Invisalign and take the first step towards a more confident smile today!

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